Welcome to ArtSong.org and thanks for dropping by.  We currently offer two algorithmic music composition programs: ArtSong™ and LMusix™, with more in development.  Each program offers unique algorithmic music composition options for music experimentation, exploring alternative musical directions, kick-starting creativity, or just for fun. 

Interweave multiple melodies into intricate multilayered music with LMusix™

LMusix™ was created to compose 'scaling-fractal' music; music in which melody unfolds simultaneously at multiple rates. LMusix™ assigns melodic 'themes' to the characters of a text-based Lindenmayer System (or L-System for short).  A starting sequence is specified and recursively iterated to produce multiple layers of 'self-similar' melodic sequences which are time-length syncronized.  Melodies can be imported from MIDI or algorithmically composed within the program.

 Combine multiple different algorithms with ArtSong™

ArtSong™ is an integrated algorithmic music composition system that uses algorithms to generate musical structure and compose MIDI parts within that structure.  ArtSong™ provides a wide variety of algorithms and functions including: quadratic and iterated function system attractors; cyclic-pattern generators; image-to-music, text-to-music, mandelbrot-set, and julia-set functions; several probability distributions; and more.  Algorithms can be used for generating melodies, rhythms, scales, chord progressions, instrumental textures, and musical form.  Different algorithms can be used for generating each musical element and for composing each instrument part.  Different combinations of algorithms can be applied in different sections of a composition.