LMusix™ creates complex multi-layered 'self-similar' musical structures using a context-free deterministic character-based Lindenmayer System (or L-System for short).  This means that the LMusix™ L-System production rules are defined for ‘single’ characters only (i.e. there are no special production rules for particular sequences of characters) and there is only one possible production rule for each character.

Character-based Lindenmayer Systems (L-Systems) are interesting because they generate ‘families’ of self-similar character sequences using a relatively simple recursive process. 

In addition to production rules, LMusix™ also assigns musical themes, transformations, and instrumental textures to each character-element of the L-System.  During iteration of the L-System the ‘textures’ are used to control which instruments generate parts and whether musical transforms are applied.  The generated parts can be created at different 'structure-levels’ and with different melodic and harmonic couplings to produce related horizontal and vertical music structures.