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As shown in the picture above, ArtSongTM developed by Dave Strohbeen, uses an innovative Explorer-oriented composition concept with several composition components for different requirements, which work together in fractal and recursive loops. zarkos.cry � sci-fi-music from outer space could not have been composed in a convential way (i.e. with a notation program). But with a generator like ArtSong... well, sit back and enjoy the result! .


After starting the g.i.m. project, I thought it would be very interesting to compose some pieces based on images of stars, galaxies, quasars, magnetospheres of planets, other space-related sources, as well as fractals. Looking for a suitable music generating program I stumbled upon ArtSongTM,developed by the excellent algorithm designer and programmer Dave Strohbeen. A productive co-operation started. ArtSongTM was really excellent, but for my project I needed a number of special modules, which Dave programmed to suit my ideas. ArtSongTM was great to start with, but now it is perfect. The best music generator program you can get on the market.
I generated the fractal images with UltraFractal, the art images I got from Judith.P.Fischer, and the sources of images of stars, galaxies and so on I found on the internet (http://hubble.stsci.edu/gallery). The Hubble Site is produced by the Space Telescope Science Institute�s Office of Public Outreach. The music was fine-tuned with NTONYX StyleEnhancer,  recorded with Nemesys GigaStudio 160 and polished up with CoolEditPro.


And  try ArtSongTM!!!

Jovan Pesec

Vienna, 18th  April 2002 


Please download the z.a.r.k.o.s..c.r.y MP3-files from ArtSong Site




TM is a music composition program with an ongoing objective of providing 'absolute' composer control over the algorithmically generated output. Originally created circa 1996 as a sequel to several previous fractal-based algorithmic music composition programs, ArtSongTM added sieves (logical pitch filters) and rhythmic coefficients to better control the 'chaotic' fractal output. From these two basic built-in control algorithms, ArtSongTM has continued to evolve into an open-ended composition environment using plug-in algorithms with currently over 23 composition and control algorithms.
In a continuing effort to further improve ArtSong
TM and increase its usability, Jovan Pesec (vison4media) and Dave Strohbeen (ArtSong) have formed a 'collaborative' association for the development of custom algorithms to support the composition work of Jovan Pesec (v4m) in exchange for musical examples and usability information. The most recent version of ArtSongTM has already benefited from this collaboration.

Dave Strohbeen



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